My name is Liz and I am a geek.

There I've said it.

I've worked various tech jobs over the years from COBOL on HP3000 MPE back in the late '90s to web development in Ruby (both on Rails and in Sinatra) for the UK Parliament via the usual alphabet soup of VBScript, PHP, SQL, NoSQL, ASP.Net and some kind of footling about with Open VMS on the Alpha platform, the details of which, frankly, escape me.

While I was working for Misco, we1 built our own server stack with mirrored servers, heartbeats, failovers, fibre channel disk arrays and all sorts of shiny toys. That was fun. The first machine arrived without its rackmount kit2 so we did what any normal disgruntled customer would do - went to B&Q for a pile of bolts and wing nuts and narrowly avoided buying a Dremel. Happy days.

Stuff what I wrote (and is available on the public web) includes:

You can peer at the source code for most of my recent4 projects on my portfolio; I used to own but it was expensive and not particularly interesting so I gave it up.

If you like largely tech-based waffling, I occasionally blog about stuff on here (although I should probably warn you about my recent laptop renovation habit) and even more occasionally for work purposes over at Millbank Systems.

In what passes for my spare time, I am also studying for a tech-based BSc with the Open University. I am already allowed to call myself Cert Web Apps (Open) should the mood take me.

  1. That's "we" as in "the Systemax EU dev team", anything else would be weird
  2. I should point out that this was before parent company Systemax moved into the server market, we ordered our initial test kit in from someone better known for making motherboards
  3. hmmm, that would work equally well without the dash
  4. i.e. "since late 2008"